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2 - Comune di Prato

 Address Via Cairoli, 16 - 59100 Prato
 Country Italy
 Contact Paolo Boscolo


Prato is an urban community in Tuscany totalling 270,000 inhabitants including its Province. The population of the province area in mainly concentrated in the Prato City area that counts around 180.000 inhabitants. The statute of the City of Prato confirms its representative function for its community, promoting civic duties and solidarity among its citizens and co-operation and agreements with the other local authorities. This happens in order to allow better levels of effectiveness and efficiency in offering a full range of services, and to improve the development process of the community of Prato.

Prato has been and continues to be very active in Information Technology since many years. Its internal network is capable to interconnect 1.400 workstations in 25 buildings spread throughout the city area. To build this city network infrastructure it has set-up an optic fibre backbone in the town centre, able to provide high-speed interconnection between different offices of the municipality on the one hand and the prefecture and province on the other.

Since 1995, promoted and/or took part to several projects partially or totally funded by external Institutions, among them: European Commission, Italian Government and Tuscany Region Government.

Paolo Boscolo is the coordinator of EU project initiatives in the sector of ICT eGov. He is working for the ICT department of Comune di Prato since 1993.

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